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This week’s picks are by Dawn of Cultured Mama.

Picking is SO HARD!! How does one choose? Well, I picked three that spoke to me this week, or directly inspired kitchen activity. ๐Ÿ˜‰

First up is a post from Healthy Frugalista, “Do You Have the Guts to Butcher Your Own Chickens?”

We do not own chickens, but our landlord does, and we hope to have our own one day, so this is something I am certainly interested in at the very least desensitizing myself to. For the squeamish, yes, there are pictures, but they are quite tasteful. ๐Ÿ˜›

Next up was Grandma’s Biscuits with Spelt, which led me down the rabbit whole to a PUMPKIN biscuit recipe with caused me to thaw out some of the roast pumpkin from last fall, and a lotta pumpkin baking going on. And it was good.

Finally, I love learning about foraging, and have been reading up on it a bit. I haven’t quite graduated to DOING it, but it’s nice to hear about how others are doing it and looking at pretty pictures of edible plants. So Prairie Homestead’s post, When Life Gives You Weeds, Eat ‘Em (or What to Do with Lamb’s Quarters) was welcome reading this week!

Looking forward to more fun and sharing!

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