Taking Care of Mama: Wrap Results From Tummy Wraps Two to Four and Neck Wrap One


My first post about tightening the loose skin on my tummy using the the It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator Wraps, of which I am now a distributor, brought out a lot of vicious people. I was called fat, lazy, ugly, told I just needed to diet and exercise  and other assorted things I’d never repeat in public. I guess they skipped that part about me eating real foods for over a decade, exercising, loosing over 100 pounds and I’m currently a size 8. I am reminded that being in the public eye isn’t always easy, but I’ve let the negative comments roll off my back.

I see the results in the pictures, how I feel and how my clothes are fitting, so their opinions don’t make my decisions for me.  Hubby and I are both thrilled with the results I’m seeing from these wraps!  So much so, that he is going to try wrapping, too, and I signed up as a distributor so we could get the best price on the wraps.

I realize not everyone will agree with my decision to use this product and not everyone would make the same choices and that’s ok. I’m not about forcing my opinion and my decisions on others. I stated as I began the series that I was going to try many options and look at many different ways to take care of myself. How you look naked definitely has an effect on how you feel, how you carry yourself, your confidence, attitude and more.  Wrapping has given me a confidence boost I haven’t had in years.

Still, it was very difficult to put myself out there and post pictures, knowing it would face criticism. I am a very modest person, so it was very uncharacteristic of me to post pictures of myself, much less some ‘nekkid belly’ pics. For the people who know me in real life, seeing me post the belly pics made them sit up and take notice because they knew it must be working very well for me to be willing to endorse the product, much less take pictures and post them publicly.

I had a really hard time sharing those pictures, because I know how bad my tummy looks by the world’s standards. Ultimately, I decided to do it instead of not discussing it publicly because I know I’m not the only mom struggling with loose skin after having babies. I’m not the only mom with a stretched out tummy.  I had found hope, I was seeing results, I was thrilled and I wanted to share that with other moms who are unhappy with their stretch marks and their tummies.

This isn’t about weight loss, the product makes no weight loss claims and I don’t expect to lose any weight. It’s about tightening that loose skin so I can stop wearing clothes that are two sizes too big and look horribly sloppy on my small frame just so it will fit in the stomach. It’s about regaining confidence in my body.


But It Has Aluminum In It!

There was concern expressed by some over the ingredient called magnesium aluminum silicate. I’ll put on my chemist’s hat for a minute: Magnesium aluminum silicate is also known as kaolin clay or fuller’s earth.  It does have aluminum in it but its molecular weight is too large for the skin to absorb.  It doesn’t get into your system.  It’s a naturally occurring mineral used as a thickener.

Kaolin clay is used in many organic health care products, including many of the big name brands that have the best reputations for top quality products.  It has been rated as a low risk (0-2) by the  Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database.  After thoroughly researching the ingredient, I am comfortable with its use as all of the evidence points to it being a stable compound that can’t be absorbed by the skin.


The Results

Here are the side-by-side pictures from before my second It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap on June 8 to after wrap four on June 19th.

I did a fifth wrap, but I didn’t take pics because we were out camping when the 72 hour mark came, and then my cycle started before we got back home and I typically bloat during my cycle.  I knew pictures and measurements likely wouldn’t be accurate until that is over.  I will do another post in a couple of weeks to show the progress from more It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator Wraps.

Here are the pictures of my results from three wraps over twelve days.


My clothes are getting looser and I’m not feeling so lopsided and stomach-heavy anymore!  Yay!

I think those pictures speak for themselves.  You can see that my stretch marks are turning from pink to white and beginning to shrink. My skin is smoother. You can see the beginnings of a less rounded shape.  The black lines on my back in the bottom picture of my side are where I marked the tape measure placement so I could put it in exactly the same spot to be sure I was getting accurate measurements.

My belly is tightening up!  Haha!  I love it!  I have experienced no weight loss, but I am definitely seeing my skin tighten, tone and firm.  And that is exactly what I wanted.

I became a distributor for the It Works! Ultimate Body Wraps so I could get the best price possible on them and continue wrapping. If you have questions, feel free to post in the comments or contact me and I’ll be happy to do my best to answer your questions.


Wrapping My Neck

I also decided to take an It Works! Ultimate Body Applicator Wrap that I had used one time on my stomach and cut it into six equal pieces so I could begin wrapping my chin and jawline.  I have unaffectionately called it my ‘wattle’ for too long.

When I lost all the weight, the two spots on my body that rebounded the least were my chin and my stomach.  I skin brushed and that helped everywhere except my stomach due to the stretch marks, and my chin, because I only brushed from the collar bone and down.  I never brushed my face or my neck.

The result is that I have long been extremely self-conscious of the loose skin under my jawline. In addition, my neck is one place my body tends to store fat, which just exaggerates the problem with the loose skin. My good friend who got me going on the wraps told me that I could wrap my jawline at the same time I was wrapping my stomach, so I decided to try it out.

The pictures I took facing the side didn’t show the difference well enough, because my head was rotated too far back.  That’s the joy of trying to learn to work a cell phone camera.  lol  However, the pictures I took of my neck pushed all the way in showed a major difference only 72 hours after my first wrap.


We are seeing the same effect on my neck that we’re seeing on my stomach- skin tightening and pulling back into its proper place.  There was no decrease in fat, my skin just became tighter.  After a week, I still look like the ‘after’ picture and my skin hasn’t loosened back up, which is the same thing we’re seeing on my stomach.  The results are remaining.  Considering that each wrap can be cut into 6 pieces for the chin and worn twice, that’s a winner in my book!  That comes down to $1.42 per chin-tightening session (including the cost of shipping and taxes) if you’re a loyal customer.  I would have paid far more to get rid of my wattle!


Want More Info?

As I said above, I have become a distributor so I can get the best possible pricing on the wraps. Click here to view the website where you can purchase the wraps, click here to read my write-up about the wrap ingredients, and click here to read information on the loyal customer program to get the best pricing without becoming a distributor.


Try One

If you’d like to try a wrap before you make a commitment, you can contact me.

If you need help picking out products, please don’t hesitate to comment or contact me and I’ll help you pick out what fits your needs.


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I'm KerryAnn Foster. I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina with my husband, Jeff, and our two kids, a teen and a tween. I blog here at Intentionally Domestic (formerly Cooking Traditional Foods). I blog about Paleo, beauty, health, family, homeschool and lifestyle for women in their 30s and beyond. I have over sixteen years of real food and natural lifestyle and health experience.

I am also an It Works! Global Triple Diamond Independent Distributor. I love that crazy wrap thing! I have been extremely happy with how the It Works Products have tightened up my loose skin and healed my stretch marks after losing 179 pounds and having a 10-pound baby.

Read about my journey to health through celiac disease, PCOS, food allergies, obesity, adrenal fatigue and heavy metals.


  1. C Munson says:

    Glad it is working for you. I am sorry about the negative comments. Life is too short for hate.
    Sending love and good wishes your way!

  2. Shawnarae Falconburg says:

    Because of you have have tried this product and I love it as well!. I am so thankful you did the research because that was what was stopping me from trying thrash in the beginning but you covered all the bases! Thank you so much! I truly believe the results and my confidence are worth the”risk”;-)

  3. Hannah says:

    Hi, KerryAnn,

    Do you have to keep wrapping forever, or is the skin-tightening permanent? Thank you for sharing your results!


    • KerryAnn says:

      Hannah, once your results are where you want them, you can stop or you can go to wrapping on occasion, like 2-4 times a year, to encourage continuing collagen production. And, of course, you can also expect normal aging, as well. You gradually loose collagen production as you age and collagen is what helps to keep the skin tight. For example, if you use the face wraps to tighten up wrinkles, it’s not going to prevent aging once you stop using the wraps. It’s not a one-time cure-all.

      I have been told that if you don’t eat a clean, real foods diet and avoid chemicals in your food, the rebuilding of collagen will not last (because your body isn’t getting the building blocks it needs to keep it up) and your results will gradually fade and the skin will begin to loosen after a while. I do know people who eat a clean diet and go through one box of wraps per year or less and the results have remained.

      Personally, my plan is to continue wrapping from the chin down until I’m happy with the results, then go to wrapping maybe four times a year to encourage continued collagen production. For my face, I plan on using the facial wraps on an as-needed basis to prevent wrinkles as I get older. I’m in my mid-30s, and I know collagen production and wrinkles are directly connected, so my hope is that using herbs that encourage collagen production will slow down the inevitable.

  4. Jacquie Z says:

    Thanks for sharing your pictures and story. Your very brave. I’m sorry some people have been negative, but I’m glad your ignoring them. The whole world
    would be a better place if they would remember if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all.

  5. Lorri Thompson says:

    Hi KerryAnn,
    I have a question that might sound silly but if you’d explain how you cut the wrap for your chin treatments I would appreciate it. I do the wraps too but haven’t tried them on my chin. I’m hoping that when I try it my results are as successful as yours! Thanks!

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  7. blessedby7children says:

    Those are AMAZING results! Girl you are looking fabulous! I can’t wait to try wrapping my face! Can you use the tummy applicators to wrap your whole face or do you have to use the facial applicators?You go girl! Looking awesome! I bet you are pumped! Those results are just amazing!

    • KerryAnn says:

      The formulas are different, so the body applicator is only from the chin down. I used a separate facial applicator for my face and the body applicator on my chin.

      I am very excited about it!

  8. Sally says:

    With all your knowledge of pure things why have you not tried an essential oil wrap? My daughter did an oil wrap and lost 10 inches the first time. That was pretty nice! I only lost 4 inches but i’m already at a great weight for me. After 7 children, one emergency c-section and being 58, I needed some tightening of the tummy for sure! I’m excited to continue with these very healthy wraps and see what i can do for my poor c-section tummy even further. The essential oil wrap is a make it yourself, very wonderful smelling and feeling afterwards!

    • KerryAnn says:

      Sally, I did look at some but the ones I saw were much more expensive and I’m not as comfortable using undiluted essential oil on my skin due to it being very sensitive, over a product that is herbal-based.

      • Sally says:

        We did dilute ours with the massage oil from Tropical Traditions. Got some when it was on sale. we bought the oils as a group and each 2oz size only cost $8 with the spray bottle including the diluting oil. This will do 2 treatments! Essential oils are so much more potent than herbs that it only takes a few drops to be effective so cost wise it is smart! 😀

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