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Real Food Storage is the original preparedness ebook for traditional and real foodies! This eBook contains an overview of how to store foods without going off of your traditional foods diet plus over 200 recipes to get you started. No matter what your real food diet, whether you’re real foods, gluten &/or dairy-free, paleo, GAPS or more, you can begin and build a successful food storage program as food insurance for your family.

All of the recipes have been kid-tested and are family friendly. Recipes include sourdough baked goods, breakfast, quick breads, side dishes, main dishes (meatless, chicken, beef, salmon, turkey, lamb), packaged and processed replacements and desserts.

We’ve even included some of our most popular recipes, such as our GFCF Christmas morning cinnamon rolls, gluten-free sourdough pizza crust and our special Valentine’s Day dessert, Chocolate Euphoria.  All can be made exclusively from foods in a real food storage program.  All recipes are gluten and dairy optional and there are plenty of egg, soy and nut-free recipes if you have other food allergies or intolerances.

Learn how we lived off of our food storage during 11 months of unemployment without getting food stamps or going hungry.  There was no worry about choosing between feeding our family and paying the mortgage because we had food insurance at home.  We had built up one year’s worth of food stores and saved money on our grocery bills while doing it.  Just as you have unemployment, health, life and car insurance, FOOD insurance will give you peace of mind to know that you can still feed your family healthy, traditional foods if a financial disaster or serious reduction in income occurs.

If you’re looking to learn how to do a full year’s food storage program in your home or get some new, kid-approved recipes to use with your existing stores, this book is for you.   This book covers how much to store and of what, along with lists of questions to ask yourself to tailor your food storage to meet your own family’s needs and unique situation.

We’ve also included an online Resources Guide to help you find places to buy your bulk goods at a significant savings.   This listing of websites is kept up-to-date by our web team so you always have access to the best money saving, bulk purchasing resources on the internet.

Included in your purchase is a master spreadsheet to guide you in planning your food storage program and help you track what you have and what you need. This spreadsheet alone is a valuable resource to help you prepare, plan and inventory with ease.

Learn how to build your own food insurance at home and have peace of mind, one meal at a time.


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