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Recently, I received a hair clip from Lilla Rose to review on my blog.  I was thrilled, as I have heard a lot of good about the clips, but I was concerned if it would be able to hold my very fine, thin hair. I was happy to be able to try it out in exchange for a review, and they even graciously offered to allow me to do a giveaway and host a party if I liked it, too. Luckily enough, Lila Rose is having a big Black Friday sale today, only. More about that below, after my review.


I’ll admit I was quite skeptical that it could really hold my hair in place. As I have discussed in the Hormonal Balance series, my hair has thinned horribly due to the hormonal imbalance I’ve been through.  We’re working to resolve it, but regrowing hair takes time. I received the Eternal Mini, pictured above, so I could do a half-up.  The half-up is my preferred style for day-to-day and going out.

I’ve had an extremely hard time finding hair accessories that would stay in my hair without sliding.  If I would pull my hair into a half-up, an hour or two later, it would fall out because my hair is so fine and slippy.  When I received my clip, I was shocked to see that when I put it in, it stayed put.  It stayed in all day and didn’t budge.  I was absolutely elated. In fact, I’ve been wearing the clip for 12+ hours some days with absolutely no slippage or movement.  My hair stays put.

Not only does it stay put, the Lilla Rose flexi-clip is very comfortable.  It doesn’t feel like it’s pulling or pinching your hair. And it isn’t heavy or cumbersome.  It’s light enough you don’t really know it’s there.  When you have thin hair, you want to avoid clips or accessories that pinch at all cost, for fear it will pull out even more hair.  I haven’t had this clip pull out any hair or cause any discomfort.

It can cope with my crazy cowlicks, too.  I have to have a barrette that holds the hair in just the right place or the cowlicks take back over.  I’ve got a ridge of cowlicks that run all the way down my head, just like my part but on the opposite side.  I hate it.  The Lilla Rose keeps my hair back and in position so the cowlicks are minimized and stay hidden.

I was so impressed with the Eternal Mini Clip that I ordered my daughter a small Scrollwork Butterfly so she could wear a half-up like Mom. She’s thrilled due to the versatility that she can have in styles.  I’m thrilled because the clips are sturdy and will withstand young hands attempting to work with them and learn.  They work on any style or texture of hair, so long as it is long enough to work into the style you want. The clips are strong and the beads are well-proportioned so they don’t look clunky or too big.  I’ve seen other clips before with the same basic idea, but the beadwork was too big to be tasteful on a child her age.  I’m petite, and today’s chunky jewelry makes me look like I’m a kid playing dress-up.  :/  These are attractive and well-designed, they aren’t gaudy and they’re well-proportioned.

I also like Lilla Rose because they offer such a wide variety of clips in both silver and gold.  They’ve got a variety of designs to please anyone.  I tend to be quite particular about the styles of my clothes and jewelry, and I found many within their catalog that I would love to have.  They have clips you can dress up and those you can dress down.  Some, like the Eternal that I received, will work for both.  I saw several styles that could be used that way, and I love that.  I have a tiny bathroom and the less hair stuff I have to store, the better.

In short, I’m sold on the Lilla Rose Clips.  I’ve thrown out all of my other barrettes and accessories that didn’t work well and I’m now going to build up a collection of the Lilla Rose Clips instead.

These make great Christmas gifts, and you can purchase them on a big sale for Black Friday right now- there’s more info on that below. My daughter will receive a couple of clips in her stocking. I’m now wearing my clip everywhere and telling my friends about them, I love them so much. I’ve hated by hair for so long due to the changes that came from chelation and being ill, and now that I have a hair accessory that works so well, I’m once again interested in fixing up my hair.


Choose A Size

Lilla Rose comes in multiple sizes. I use the Mini for my half-up and would need a Small for my tails up.  My daughter uses a small for her half-up and needs a medium for her tails up. Sizes run from the Mini to the Mega. Click here to watch a video to help you choose the size you need for the styles you want to use it with.

Black Friday Sale and a Party

Lilla Rose is having a Black Friday sale!  20% off all orders and free shipping on a $50 purchase!  That’s a great deal. I’m hosting a party, if you’d like to join in and try out a Lilla Rose for yourself.  Click here to shop!

You can do many different styles with the Lilla Rose Clip.  Choices include half-up, tails up, ponytail, French twist and more.


Lilla Rose does offer other options like headbands, decorative bobby pins, hair sticks and O-rings.  They even offer badge holders if you need one for work.  The O-ring looks really neat for a half-up or ponytail, and I’d like to try some of those out, too.  They come in multiple sizes, just like the flexi-clip.


I’d like to offer one winner any one clip, type and size of your choice, valued at up to $16.  The giveaway will remain open until Friday, November 30th at midnight EST.  There are many ways to enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

You must have a mailing address in the US or Canada in order to win. Entries will be verified, so be honest if you truly wan to win. Must be over 18 years of age. There are several ways to enter the giveaway, however participants are limited to one (1) of each entry per person and one (1) person per household. A participant may not use additional email addresses to enter more than once. No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.


Thank you so much for reading!  We’ll be having giveaways daily this week until Monday.  Stay tuned!


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  4. Ruth says:

    I can’t find the widget to enter the giveaway. Where should I find it?

  5. Stephanie W. says:

    Their clips look very pretty. I’ve always had trouble with clips staying in my hair without eventually sliding out or feeling heavy.

  6. samW says:

    like the mediu, size clips & the antique looking antique brass


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