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While searching online for herb remedies, I saw sage as a runny nose remedy on many web sites in every form from tinctures to elixirs to teas.  I tried it last night, and it worked well.  TOO well.  I took about one teaspoon crushed sage mixed into a little raw honey.  It dried my sinuses out until they ached and I couldn’t breathe out of my nose on one side! I considered it to be a good trade considering what I had been experiencing and using a neti pot helped considerably with the discomfort.  It fixed my runny nose for several hours, well into the night.  It also stopped the coughing from post-nasal drip which in turn helped my sore throat, which was a huge blessing.

This morning, I gave each of the kids a pinch and I took two pinches mixed into a tiny amount of raw honey.   Neither of the kids complained about taking it like that.  I suspected they’d object to the tea, so this was a great solution.  It is working extremely well, with no dryness or discomfort. I imagine if your runny nose was severe, you’d need a higher dose.  Most websites recommended dosing it two to three times a day.  I will experiment today with how often I need to dose me and the kids to be effective without drying us out. I am especially anxious to see how well it works to stop post-nasal drip that causes my kids to cough at night.  I’ve been getting up twice a night to give them Ivy Calm for multiple nights now, and if this works I will switch to this instead as it is much cheaper.

Last year before Thanksgiving, I had ordered a one-pound bag of rubbed sage from Frontier, not realizing that it would be cups and cups of sage!  So now I am glad to have one more use for this herb. I’ve been using sage tincture as an ingredient in mouthwash, and I believe now that I will make an elixir of it, too.

WARNING: Sage is a drying herb.  If you are nursing, it will reduce or stop your milk supply.  I would avoid it entirely while nursing, especially if your supply is borderline.  It is also listed as a uterine stimulant and an herb to be avoided during pregnancy.  However, I have seen no warning to avoid a culinary dose of this herb during pregnancy, so please do your own homework before considering this remedy if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Shared at Nourishing Treasures and Wildcrafting Wednesday.

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