Giveaway: One Year of Kitchens Resurrected: A Real Food Cooking School


We’re so excited to open the Real Food Cooking School on Monday!  In preparation for the launch, we’re giving away a one-year membership to one lucky person!  This giveaway closes Sunday night, so the winner can enjoy the opening day.


The Winner Receives…

This giveaway is for the basic plus membership.  The winner will receive:

  • Unlimited access to all of the video-based lessons on the membership site for both classes.
  • New lessons released weekly
  • Private support forum
  • Discounts on all CTF eBooks
  • Monthly bonus lesson
  • Monthly Q&A online meetings
  • Monthly Thank You Video

The winner will also have access to our other class, the lactofermentation class!  This giveaway is a $220 value!


Reclaim the Fundamental Knowledge of Previous Generations- With a Twist!

If you want to learn more about the fundamentals of cooking from a real food viewpoint, this cooking school is for you. With a focus on in-season and fresh, we will cover all aspects of real food and cookery. We’ll show you how to pick the best fruits and veggies, what to look for with meats, and how to use them. You’ll learn how to maximize the use of your kitchen helpers and equipment, save money and time in the kitchen, and more!

In our video-based classes, you’ll be able to see everything. We’ll show you:

  • How to tell if that peach is ripe and how to peel it
  • How to cut up a chicken and the best uses for each cut
  • How best to use that cut of beef you’ve never heard of that came with your half a cow
  • How to make crispy nuts and why you’d want to
  • What a slurry is and how to use it
  • How to use a dehydrator
  • How to pick the right fat and how to fry with it
  • And much, much more, all with a real food focus!

We’ll demystify the real food diet and help you develop a solid foundation, all while saving money and time! You’ll have access to a private forum for members only to ask your questions. Interact with other members and ask KerryAnn your questions.

As long as you remain a member, you will have access to all of the material in the cooking school.  Lessons are always available and are unscheduled, so you can learn at your own pace.

All of our materials and recipes are family-friendly and kid-approved.  Real Food doesn’t benefit your family if your children won’t eat it, so our focus is to make foods the entire family will enjoy while only containing real food, nutrient-dense ingredients.

Looking to save time and money in the kitchen? Our tips and tricks will have you on your feet quickly. Have a food allergy or intolerance?  No problem.  We will show you how to substitute and cook for your intolerance.


Course Content

Each month, we will release course content in the following areas:

  • Instruction in basic, intermediate and advanced real food cooking techniques and skills for cooks at all levels for beverages and drinks; broths; fermentation; grains; homemade sauces, dressings and condiments; appetizers; soups; main dishes; side dishes; salads; egg dishes; grains; beans and legumes; snacks and desserts; Ethnic dishes; allergy and intolerance substitutes; and superfoods.
  • A video catalog of vegetables
  • A video catalog of fruits
  • A video catalog of meats
  • A video catalog of grains, nuts and seeds
  • A video catalog of fats
  • A video catalog of spices
  • A video catalog of pantry staples
  • A video catalog of kitchen equipment
  • A video dictionary of cooking terms with demonstrations
  • Instruction in food preservation and storage
  • And more!!


Special Bonus

Our Real Food Cooking School marks the opening of our membership site.  Not only will you have access to this amazing resource, you will also gain access to our other classes for no additional charge as long as you remain a member!  A second class, Lacto-Fermentation, will open at the same time, so you can enjoy that class for no additional charge.


This giveaway closes Sunday, July 22nd at midnight EST!  Good Luck!


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  1. Gayle says:

    I need this class so bad!! My husband was in the hospital for 10 days, 5 of them in intensive care. He was a very healthy man and suddenly developed pneumonia. He almost died. Anyway they pumped him with so much antibiotics and steroids that I know his gut has got to be damaged. I need to be fermenting like crazy and I just need help. PLUS my birthday is Sunday so please pick me!!

  2. Marcella Frater says:

    Good luck, Gayle! I just can’t wait until this class opens period. My husband has enjoyed almost every recipe of KerryAnn’s that I’ve made…even “Everything but the Kitchen Sink Sloppy Joes.” I really thought he wouldn’t like it because of the cabbage and lentils, but right out of the blue he said “Hey this was good. What was it?” I nearly dropped my teeth! LOL

    I also need a lot of help in lacto fermantation. I bought pickl-it jars because of KerryAnn’s series and I am so NOT sorry that I did. I could immediately tell the difference using Pickl-it. If you are reading this post, I know they are pricey, but if your gut needs to get healthy, please start saving now for them. You won’t regret investing the money. I also encourage you to purchase more than you think you need because once I started fermenting my veggies I can’t stop. I purchased another set because I was running out of jars. LOL.

    Sorry for my babbling…I’m just really, really excited for these classes to open. This is the first time I’ve looked forward to a Monday in a long time. LOL

    Have a great weekend and good luck to everyone!

  3. Revecca says:

    I posted this giveaway on my facebook and on my pinterest board. :)

  4. jpatti says:

    Pick me!


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