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We have had a whirlwind two-and-a-half weeks.

Out trip to Disney World and getting to eat gluten-free went awesome.  Four days of theme parks were a blast.  We had no gluten exposures and the staff at every restaurant was nothing less than stellar.  I was able to stay allergen-free and keep my carbs and my grains to a minimum.  I even lost weight while on vacation. Disney isn’t an inexpensive place to eat, but we were quite happy to be able to eat out without having to pack the kitchen sink each morning.

There are website dedicated to allergen-free dining at Disney. Allergy-Free Mouse is where I did the bulk of my planning.  I picked which restaurants we wanted to eat at for each park, then planned the day’s rides, shows and activities so we would land at those locations at about the right time.  If you plan on dining at Disney for two meals a day, plan about $40 a day for each person eating adult meals, more or less.  The counter service restaurants are less expensive than those with a waiter, generally speaking.

I had planned on writing a long post about where we ate each day, what we had and review it all, and I will still try to pull that post together.  But today I want to write about the aftermath.  After our fun at Disney, we were set to attend a conference for It Works!  We had combined the vacation to see the mouse with the conference because, after all, who can go to Orlando without a pit stop at the happiest place on earth? The day the conference started, our daughter

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All recipes will now be published on Instagram. Check out our Mustard and Molasses Grilled Chicken there.  We always make extra and save it to cut up and put on top of a salad the next day, it’s a nice, juicy dish.


I made two goals in 2014 that were public.  The first was to reach the rank of Triple Diamond this year.  I was able to achieve that goal on November 30th.  The second was to hit a certain income level with It Works.  We won’t know if I made that goal until January, so I will not-so-patiently wait.  Currently, I think I’m going to fall just shy of that goal, but the month isn’t over yet.  :D


My goals for 2015 are to reach Ambassador Diamond with It Works, pay off 1/3 of our remaining mortgage principle (with the long-term goal of having our mortgage completely paid off by my 40th birthday) and to lose 40 pounds.

Of those three, the weight loss scares me the most.  I’ve been through higher carb, lower carb, allergen-free, paleo, primal, just plain real food, and so far the scales just aren’t budging.  I’ve put together a plan going forward to see if I can get the scales moving, even if it’s slowly.

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I’m Back!

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Christmas Eve 2014

I haven’t blogged in a very long time.  Months.  But after a long talk with a friend and then my husband over Christmas, I decided that I really did want to take up blogging again.  I enjoy doing research and writing, I enjoy connecting with people and I enjoy helping people change their lives and find solutions.  Blogging is a wonderful way to accomplish all of that and more.

As I start the blog up again, I have decided that it will not be focused on food.  Blogging on food alone really wore me out because food isn’t my personal focus anymore as it once was.  For a long time, I was dealing with allergies and intolerances, and I had to stay focused on it or risk making myself sick.  Now that my intolerances are mostly healed and I don’t do the majority of the cooking, the constant focus on food for recipe development on the blog and for the books/products became exhausting.  Jeff, Belle and I have the cooking split up among us and I no longer have to nit-pick every little thing or carry all of the weight at home.  I now eat a lower-carb, paleoish diet that is mostly homemade and choose to focus the majority of my time on things other than food so that I have balance and happiness in my life.

While I was dealing with the constant focus on food, I felt like my life became unnecessarily narrowed and rather unhappy. I wasn’t able to spend time on other things that I enjoyed, like researching health, lifestyles and more.  Now that the focus has been taken off of food and our living situation has completely changed, I’m much happier and relaxed.  Jeff is now retired and he co-parents with me. I am a Triple Diamond and he is a Double Diamond with It Works Global. We focus on the family business during the day while the kids are at school, and when they’re home, we’re Mom and Dad.  My life looks much different these days with being a small business owner, Taekwondo Mom and having a focus on my overall health, while still having time to have some fun.

So going forward, Intentionally Domestic will be focused on modern womanhood- health, fitness, beauty, parenting, wifeing, cultivating friendships, advocacy, work and life balance, homemaking, cooking, finding yourself in your 30s, setting and achieving goals, pets, running your own business and so much more.

I hope you will join me on this journey.  But if your focus needs to be on food on this season of your life, I wish you the best of luck.  Godspeed.  I appreciate you staying with me on the journey this far.  May you find the answers you need.

If you’d like to keep up with me on a day-to-day basis, follow me on Instagram or friend me on Facebook.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in some of my posts are affiliate links. When you click them you allow me to cover a small portion of the cost of this blog. Blogging isn’t cheap and I appreciate your support so we can keep churning out awesome recipes and quality content. Using my affiliate link is like leaving a tip. Thank you. You can read more of our disclaimers here.


KerryAnn Foster runs Intentionally Domestic, formerly Cooking Traditional Foods. Founded in 2005, we help you feed your family nourishing foods they will love. KerryAnn has thirteen years of real food experience.  Read about KerryAnn’s journey to health through multiple miscarriages, celiac disease, PCOS, food allergies and intolerances, obesity, adrenal fatigue and heavy metals. She is also an It Works! Triple Diamond Independent Distributor and she loves that crazy wrap thing!



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Weight Loss And Other Changes

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I’ve been pretty public about my struggles with getting my weight to go back down since having a hormonal shift two years ago.  I’ve worked on it for months and planned and tried, only to have trouble sticking to what I knew I needed to do.  I have finally gotten over that hump, and I’m doing a 90-day challenge to help me stay motivated and accountable.

What is working for me right now is a low-carb, paleo plan without sugar, eggs or white potatoes.  About half of my diet is non-starchy veggies, and I am generous with the fat.  I have discovered, much to my dismay, that I might have an egg and white potato sensitivity and that sugar jut doens’t work for me in any form.   I have eliminated them from my diet, and I expect that I will need to trial a completely nightshade-free diet soon.  Time will tell.  But for now, I remain on tomatoes and peppers. And I use stevia when needed.

I began the challenge 3 weeks ago today, and so far I have dropped about 12 pounds.  I have also noticed that my inflammation issues have greatly lessened- I believe they may have disappeared entirely.  I expect that the weight loss will now slow and it will take longer for each pound to come off.  I’m ok with that. Slow progress is still progress.

I found found that I feel best when I eat veggies at every meal.  This has meant, along with the elimination of eggs from my diet, that I’ve had to be creative in finding veggie dishes for breakfast.  These days I’m eating a ton of baked veggie casseroles for breakfast, and a paleo wrap, zoodles or salad for lunch.  At dinner, I create a main dish that we all can eat, then I create some veggie sides we’ll all eat, and a side that the rest of the family can have. For example, tonight we’re having almond and arrowroot-crusted chicken fingers, with a salad.  I’ll have a big salad, they’ll have smaller salads. I’ll put some french fries on the side for the kids, and a little ketchup.



The challenge is to work on your weight for a 90-day period using whatever method you find that works for you, be it real food, paleo, low-carb or another way of eating. We have a support group for the challenge that you can join here.  We will be starting another challenge soon- I will post about it when it starts.

Here’s a full list of what I am doing for my own challenge:

  • Nettle, red raspberry leaf and peppermint tea daily. One quart of infusion made into tea.
  • Paleo diet, strictly grain and sugar-free and no egg, corn or white potatoes.
  • No more than 65g carbs a day, as that is where I personally feel my best.
  • Drinking half my weight in ounces of fluid daily.
  • Fermented food at each meal to aid in digestion.
  • Supplements from It Works: Complete Nutrition Pack, Regular, Relief, Hair Skin and Nails.
  • Supplements from other companies- an additional probiotic, milk thistle and Liver Life to support hormone balancing.
  • Eight or more hours of sleep each night with a consistent bedtime.
  • Eat three meals a day, plus any needed snacks.
  • No eating after 8pm.

I am also Instagramming my challenge, posting pictures of what I’m eating, my weight loss progress and more.  You can also meet Marissa, the stray kitty who recently adopted us just before giving birth to the world’s most adorable litter of five kittens. You can follow me at thin_wrap_mama.



A lot of weight loss is about controlling your thoughts and actions and ridding yourself of unhealthy habits.  I found myself in some unhealthy patterns, including eating late at night, skipping breakfast or lunch, and other habits that were detrimental to my health. I am actively taking steps to remedy those issues and to make sure I’m eating three full meals a day.

I found that, for me, not eating a meal when I wasn’t hungry was a fast track to damaging my health.  Routinely skipping breakfast or lunch was stressing my body.  When you have metabolic problems, you can’t rely necessarily on hunger cues to know when you need to eat.  I see what happened to my health, and I see my female friends doing the same things- stretched too thin and skipping meals, and I am concerned for their long-term adrenal and hormonal health. Time will tell if my concern is unfounded.

I’m also looking at my options for exercise to help me gain some muscle mass.  I’m considering T-Tapp, but with my knee trouble I’m not sure what I should do. I will likely start by just doing a daily walk. I plan to begin Taekwando this Fall. My children attend and they love it. A dear friend has been encouraging me to go for a black belt, so I’ve decided to take the plunge.

Other lifestyle factors have been at play, too.  Having a consistent schedule that would allow me to eat meals as I should has been a huge help.  And reduced stress has played a role, too. I’m also now under the care of a chiropractor who does Applied Kinesiology and has been helping me make decisions.


Retire and Re-Wire

As part of the changes we are making, we have decided to retire Jeff from his day job.  Now that I am in the top 1% of distributors for It Works, it costs us money for him to go to work each day instead of working with me. So we will retire him and each of us will work about 20-25 hours a week from home.  This will give us substantially more family time, less stress, and time to better care for our health while earning a substantially better income.

We are also considering a move to RV-living for a year before the kids reach the age of high school. We are debt-free except for our mortgage, and we don’t really want to stay in our current home permanently.  We have floated the idea to sell this house, spend a year or more in an RV touring the US and road-schooling, then return to Asheville to settle down in a home that we do want to spend the rest of our lives in.

It is, currently, a plan in the working stages, that we aren’t sure we’ll go for.  As we both have aging parents, plans can always change for their sake. But even if plans change, Jeff will still be retired and we’ll have the freedom to do what we want to instead of being constrained by money and a job. To that end, we are doing a very serious decluttering of the house and trying to pare down, in case we do decide to do it.  That will make the transition much less stressful.


That’s all the news in my corner of the world.  I hope you’ll come join me in my quest to get healthier and live a less stressful life.


Disclaimer: Some of the links in some of my posts are affiliate links. When you click them you allow me to cover a small portion of the cost of this blog. Blogging isn’t cheap and I appreciate your support so we can keep churning out awesome recipes and quality content. Using my affiliate link is like leaving a tip. Thank you. You can read more of our disclaimers here.


KerryAnn Foster runs Intentionally Domestic, formerly Cooking Traditional Foods. Founded in 2005, we help you feed your family nourishing foods they will love. KerryAnn has thirteen years of real food experience.  Read about KerryAnn’s journey to health through multiple miscarriages, celiac disease, PCOS, food allergies and intolerances, obesity, adrenal fatigue and heavy metals. She is also an It Works! Triple Diamond Independent Distributor and she loves that crazy wrap thing!





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Disclaimer:  Royal Caribbean had zero idea I was a food blogger when I got on the cruise. I went for my other business and was treated just like any other guest aboard the ship.  I have in no way been paid or otherwise compensated for this review and the opinions are mine alone.


Why Would a GFer Go on a Cruise?

I recently earned a free cruise on Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas as part of my distributorship with It Works Global. The cruise was paid for by my upline for hitting certain milestones.

I will admit I approached the idea of being on a boat in the middle of international waters with nothing to eat but what was onboard was a little scary to me as a gluten-free girl. Before accepting the reward, I decided to spend some time on Google, and I found some positive reviews from GF food bloggers.  I agreed to go on the cruise, but I questioned my decision a few times to the point I thought I was nuts for being willing to do it.  But my want of the upper level training available on this cruise won out.  I decided to pack a suitcase full of dry goods, just in case, and set sail.




How it Works

I had never been on a cruise before, so I was a clueless newbie.  I did a little research.  On a cruise, the food is usually included in the price of the ticket. When you get on board, unless you choose to dine at a specialty restaurant to eat things like lobster, you can eat what you want to, as much as you want, with no additional charges. The menu in the main dining room had no prices.

On Royal Caribbean, you have the option of purchasing packages for your drinks, which I did.  I got a package including bottled and sparkling water, non-alcoholic frozen drinks, and fountain drinks for $20 a day.  Since bottled water was so expensive on board, the drink package was the least expensive way to go, and it gave me a nice variety.  I drank still or sparkling water all day, and had non-alcoholic daiquiris at lunch and dinner each day.  I skipped the fountain drinks, and found out on the last day that flavored waters were included in the available drinks.  I wish I had tried them.


This trip was done without my family- they stayed home and remodeled the guest bathroom while I sailed.  My flight and roommate was another local distributor and I had multiple close teammates  and my upline with me. In total, there were about 90 people in our group.

We boarded the ship in the afternoon, around lunch time.  We weren’t due to set sail until 4:30 that evening. We dropped our stuff in our rooms, met up with our teammates from out of town, then headed to the buffet. I didn’t expect that food would be available upon boarding, but I found out that people could board the ship as early as 10:30 and the buffet was open when they boarded.



The buffet, Windjammer Cafe, was a large buffet of multiple stations, including salads, breads and starters, main dishes, international dishes, a grilling station and a dessert buffet.  This 24-hour buffet was HUGE.  Multiple items were labeled as gluten-free, which was enough to create a plate. The buffet was the only way to get lunch on our first day.  The food was good, other than the meat being well-done and therefore somewhat dry.  The paella was good.

windjammer friday lunch

That night, we had our first dinner at My Fair Lady. I was rather concerned about how I’d be provided with a meal, until I was given a menu and I saw that the gluten-free options were already marked on the menu.  When I spoke to my server, he was very aware of the issue surrounding gluten-free food, and was able to make recommendations and tell me the details of the dishes I asked about.  In fact, he was able to do this without going back to the kitchen and double checking.  He knew the preparation methods, ingredients and all the details very well.  I’ll admit I was impressed.  I was brought a nice selection of gluten-free bread, ordered my appetizer and my main course, got a non-alcoholic daquari, and settled in to see if the meal would be ok.

I was amazed.

The food was GOOD.  I had no reaction.  I sat at the dinner table and fought back tears.  If you’re gluten-free and a real foodie, you know how much work is involved to get meals on the table every single day, meal after meal, with few to no breaks.  I was able to eat safely, had no reactions, and I didn’t have to do any work.  I ate way more than I should have.

After dinner, we had a lovely dessert. I ordered decaf coffee with my dessert. After dessert, the waiter brought me the next night’s menu, and asked me to choose what I would like.  We talked over some options, he got to know my taste preferences, and made recommendations.  He had already figured out I liked more exotic dishes, after he mentioned escargot on the appetizer menu when we first sat down, and my eyes lit up.  I was disappointed to find that it wasn’t gluten-free.

Some others seated at the same table had other dietary restrictions.  There was another gluten-free woman, and a vegetarian.  They both received the same type of service that I did.


friday bread

shrimp cocktail

prime rib

creme brulee



The next morning, we went back to My Fair Lady for breakfast.  I ordered a smoked salmon and cream cheese plate and was provided with a nice selection of gluten-free breads.   Breakfast is more informal and without assigned seating.  The wait staff was careful to make sure my meal was handled appropriately.



Saturday’s lunch was back at the Windjammer cafe. There were no GF labeled meats and not as many options as there were on Friday.  This was the only meal I had any complaints about, as I am a protein type.  The gluten-free dessert, roasted pineapple, was placed in a bowl in front of some gluten-containing foods, and crumbs from the gluten-containing cakes had obviously fallen into the GF pineapple dish.  I skipped dessert.  All of the other gluten-free foods weren’t placed like that and didn’t appear to be as prone to tong sharing, so we didn’t have issues with contamination with those.


Saturday night’s dinner was at My Fair Lady.  Each night for dinner, you’re seated at the same table, so you have the same wait staff.  I was immediately greeted by name, GF bread was brought to me without having to request it, and everything was handled with great attention to detail. I didn’t have to ask for decaf coffee, they remembered that was my preference.  The waiter remembered my food preferences from the previous night, and at the end of the meal, made recommendations for the following night in line with what he thought I would like.  He recommended the right dishes for me- he really had me pegged.  lol






I slept in and missed breakfast in the main dining room on Sunday, so I went to the WindJammer for breakfast.  Nothing was labeled as gluten-free, much to my disappointment.   I ate a sealed container of yogurt, some bacon, fruit, some smoked salmon, and a hard-boiled egg, all I figured were safe choices.  I had no reaction.

Lunch on Sunday, we were at sea.  Due to high winds, we could not go ashore to CocoCay, as it wasn’t safe to run the tender boats.  So the main dining room at My Fair Lady was open for lunch and we ate a little later than normal.   I had a burger on regular gluten-free bread with no fries.  I skipped dessert. We were scheduled for dinner just 4 hours later, so I didn’t want to over-eat and not enjoy dinner.


Dinner on Sunday was a repeat of the same wonderful attention to detail of the previous two nights. Everything was handled wonderfully and it made me feel like a normal diner that didn’t have to be paranoid.  If you’re GF and you eat out, you know how special and uncommon that is.  I knew they all knew my needs and would take care of it, right down to the decaf coffee.

pot de creme



Monday morning we had to disembark, which meant breakfast in the main dining room was very early.  Once again, I missed breakfast and wound up at Windjammer.  I ate the same thing as the previous morning, without incident.


Cruising Tips

You WILL gain weight. Plan your clothing accordingly. The Cruise Director told us to expect to gain 3-4 pounds a day. I thought I wouldn’t just because I wasn’t eating a lot of desserts, I was limiting myself to one a day at dinner and I wasn’t drinking alcohol. Joke’s on me. He was right. I was wrong. I ate an inch-thick prime rib as big as my face one night. And it was worth every bite. :D

Expect a 24 hour buffet plus fine dining. The food is unlimited, even the shrimp cocktails, the duck, the lamb shank, prime rib… The only restaurant that cost money you knew in advance, you had to book your table and it’s $30 a person for lobster and the like.

There’s a ton to do on a cruise that doesn’t involve drinking, gambling or sunbathing. I was surprised at how many activities they had available. They have seminars on all topics, from understanding and choosing diamonds to health topics to scrapbooking and napkin folding. The comedian and the love and marriage game show were PG, and both were great entertainment. Anything that wasn’t family-friendly was clearly labeled so it was easy to avoid.

The picture of your state room is taken with a wide angle lens. The bathrooms are tiny and only contain stand-up showers. The rooms are really small but very efficient. You won’t spend much time in your room anyway. The bed was comfortable and I had no complaints about the room.

Pack an over the door shoe pocket organizer. It’s perfect for all of the little odds and ends that need a place. We used it for all of our supplements, personal care and the like.

Bring a power strip. Each room only has one outlet.

There are no irons allowed onboard. If it wrinkles in your luggage, you have to wear it like that. If you want candlelight, bring flameless candles. No open flames are allowed.

Bring small bills for your ports of call. Some places don’t make change. But there’s enough to do that you don’t have to ever leave the boat if you don’t want to.

Sunscreen and a hat are mandatory, even if you don’t plan on lounging by the pool.  I found crushable hats on Amazon that traveled well and I didn’t have to worry about damage in my luggage.

Your ankles are going to get a serious workout from the boat rocking. Don’t plan on wearing your nice heels a lot, bring sensible shoes. I only wore my nice heels to dinner then changed afterwards. I’m seriously sore.

Some cruise lines don’t allow you to bring bottled water on board. Look at purchasing the drink packages instead of paying for all of your drinks. I paid $20 a day for unlimited bottled water, sparkling water, fountain drinks and non-alcoholic frozen drinks. Cans of coke were $2.25 each, bottled water was $3-4 a bottle, I think. The package is a good deal.

Bring at least one change of dress clothes for the Captain’s Dinner. Some people like to dress up every night.

Royal Caribbean allows you to book your excursions in advance in your online account. It’s a good idea because it frees up your time from standing in long lines at guest services when people are trying to decide.

Plan to shop. Lots of boats have duty-free shopping and good specials while out in international water.

The staff was amazing and very professional. Bring some spare money to leave them a tip. I left extra tips for the waiter who was very good to make sure my meals were GF and I got what I wanted, and the stateroom attendant who did an excellent job.

They clean your rooms twice a day.

If possible, carry your own luggage off of the ship.  It’s far quicker than having to disembark in groups and wait in long lines to wait for your bag.


The Bottom Line

Overall, I was very satisfied with my dining experience on Enchantment of the Seas.  I do wish they would pay more attention to the placement of the gluten-free desserts at the buffet, and would label the safe foods for breakfast. An educated gluten-free diner should be able to feed themselves safely despite these limitations.  I would have also liked to have seen the international dishes have some gluten-free options, as some friends who ate the Indian foods said they were really good.

In the end, we have decided to take some cruises with Royal Caribbean as a family.  I now know we can eat safely, and I was very happy with the activities offered for all age groups.  We are looking into different ships and different ports of call to celebrate our 15th Anniversary next year.


Disclaimer: Some of the links in some of my posts are affiliate links. When you click them you allow me to cover a small portion of the cost of this blog. Blogging isn’t cheap and I appreciate your support so we can keep churning out awesome recipes and quality content. Using my affiliate link is like leaving a tip. Thank you. You can read more of our disclaimers here.


KerryAnn Foster runs Intentionally Domestic, formerly Cooking Traditional Foods. Founded in 2005, we help you feed your family nourishing foods they will love. KerryAnn has thirteen years of real food experience.  Read about KerryAnn’s journey to health through multiple miscarriages, celiac disease, PCOS, food allergies and intolerances, obesity, adrenal fatigue and heavy metals. She is also an It Works! Triple Diamond Independent Distributor and she loves that crazy wrap thing!



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Mother’s Day Update And The End of an Era

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So much as gone on since my last post in January that I don’t even know where to begin. Over the last few months, my life has changed drastically, and in a very amazing way.

When I stopped posting in January, I was seriously burnt out from blogging. Most people thinking blogging is an easy, fun job. It can be fun, but it is far from easy. Most people who blog work 40 or more hours a week for a part-time or less income, before expenses. Only a small percentage of bloggers can actually make it a sustainable income as I did.


The Dark Side

To pull back the curtain on blogging a little, I wish to explain what’s going on behind the scenes and what I’m seeing in groups where bloggers congregate and commiserate. I routinely worked 60-80 hours a week for a full-time income. I was grateful for the money and the ability to stay home with my kids, but the long hours and difficult competition took a toll on my health and our family. The industry has become increasingly cut throat as more people enter blogging; as more people attempt to undercut their competitors to get an edge, the entire industry becomes unsustainable.

On top of that, there is an entire industry built on stealing content from bloggers and using it as their own to generate revenue. Since they don’t have to spend time creating content, they can spend all of their time doing affiliate marketing on the posts they have stolen from you. Blogging has become a mass of being a watchdog, a promoter, a marketer and much more, to the point that it just wears you down. People stealing from you or trying to one-up you is a constant aggravation- I spent at least 5 hours in the last week dealing with theft.

Others aren’t content to their own thing and be themselves and charge what they’re worth, instead they have to try to out-compete you and put you down. Then there’s the sensationalist, poorly researched posts that scare people for no good reason, just to draw advertising revenue. You see, much of the income in blogging is based on the number of eyeballs that see the post, and the more controversy it creates, the more the blogger makes, whether or not the information is accurate or well-researched. The more it stirs people up, the better.

The sad part is that bettering life doesn’t come through cut-throat competition or poorly written, sensationalist posts, but by making solid, well-researched information available to all. Unfortunately, few bloggers have time to write well researched posts (or they pay a ghost writer to do it for them), as they’re spending all of their time marketing and doing other publicity. It may take 5 hours to research and write a post, but a blogger can easily spend 15-20 hours promoting that single post to get traffic.  Writing two posts a week can be a full-time job, before you work on any paid products.

I was beyond burnt out. You can be as passionate about a subject as possible, but that doesn’t mean you won’t eventually burn out when you’re overworked and underpaid for the number of hours you’re putting in. As I spend less time blogging and working and more time helping other bloggers with technical questions, I see more and more bloggers around me who are burnt out and their health is suffering from the heavy workload they’re under and they see no way out because they have to meet the bills. I see passion wearing thin in the face of very real health problems and the inability to feed their kids for some of these bloggers.

The break was desperately needed for me. And other bloggers are making the same decision to take break, with good reason.


A New Opportunity

Last Summer and Fall, I took a LOT of heat in the blogging world for deciding to use It Works Global products such as the Ultimate Body Applicator. Even though some people didn’t approve, I decided they didn’t have to live my life and make my decisions, so their opinions weren’t what was important. I saw that the products worked amazingly well for helping my body heal and my skin return to normal after such a large weight loss and having a 10-pound baby who left me riddled with stretch marks. That lose skin started disappearing, and almost one year later, it’s still gone.

I decided to devote 15-20 hours a week working with It Works Global. I basically work while the kids are at school, and when they’re home, I’m present with them and not working. Then once they go to bed, I might work another hour before going to bed. No more 60-80 hour weeks, no more health suffering from stress. We’re all healthier and happier than we’ve been in a long time.  This is the least stress I have had since before I had children.

This Summer, we will be able to retire my husband and he will come home to work with me part-time. We’ll each work around 20-30 hours a week and have a better income and more freedom than we’ve ever had.

I am currently a Double Diamond and my husband is a Diamond. At the end of this month, I’m working to be a Triple Diamond and Jeff a Double Diamond. Plus we’ve received bonuses totaling $35,000 and we’re going for more. We hope to claim $40,000 in bonuses at the end of this month. The bonuses are paid out over 25 months, which is a huge blessing to our family.

That’s just bonuses. That doesn’t include commission.
This is what the commission looks like.

fb party post 22 yearly income by rank

fb party post 22 annual income disclosue statement


The great part is that there’s nothing unique or special about what I have done. The company shows everyone how to do exactly what I’ve done, there are no secrets. It’s all clearly laid out for you.

The skills I learned while parenting, homeschooling and working from home have turned around into exactly what I needed to do well at direct sales- time management, organization, follow-through, stick-to-it-tiveness, a good attitude despite adversity and the like have benefited me greatly. And the funny thing is that when I started, I only wanted to earn an extra couple of hundred a month. God obviously had other plans for me.

If you need the ability to make money from home and you’d like more information on exactly what and how I do, please feel free to leave a comment on this post. I won’t publish your comment, but I will contact you with more info. I’ll show you exactly how I claimed those bonuses, and how you can claim your first one, a $10,000 bonus, too. Tell me how much you need to make a month, and I’ll show you what it will take to get there. You can also get more information at this link.

I am personally responsible for training the distributors who join under me and you will NOT be left alone to figure it out without helpIt Works Global has a unique, cooperate model where you do not compete with your upline or downline for sales.  It doesn’t matter who signs the person, everyone is helped by it.  The cooperative aspect of this model is amazing in that the works accomplished truly is a team effort and not just one person getting rich off of a bunch of other people working. The company creates incentives for the higher ranking distributors to continue to work, and if you just try to sit back and collect a paycheck, everything will crumble on you quickly.  I continue to work and to lead my team each month, and my goal is to always be as productive if not more as the best distributors on my team. So training is one of my biggest jobs as a leader in It Works Global, and I take that roll seriously.


The Blog Products

As a result, I’ve spent a good amount of time deciding what to do with the blog and the real food products, e-books and menu mailers. The products are going to go through some changes. The video classes will go away, and the books and menu mailers will become available for instant download instead of weekly delivery. Everything available will go to one-time purchases instead of subscription purchases. And our shopping cart and delivery system will change. The back-end that contains the membership area will no longer be available. These changes will take a little time to put into place.

As of June 15th, the membership area will no longer be available. If you have purchased something and you wish to download it, please do so before that date. Those of you who have current subscriptions and memberships will be contacted and arrangements made to finish delivery of your downloads to fulfill your subscription before it is cancelled.


The Blog

The blog will remain online, and I will add new recipes and content as I have time and feel creative. I would like to have the opportunity to share what I’m learning and what I’m creating, as I continue to learn about health and cooking.

I will also share our lives as things change. We live debt-free, as our only remaining debt is our mortgage. We soon hope to be changing our lives in a very drastic way, as we are seriously considering full-time RVing. We want an opportunity to show our children the US before they’re high school age.

I’ve also learned a lot about my health and I’ve found some things that are working very well for me. I’d like to share those with you, especially the positive progress I’ve made with balancing my hormones and in fine-tuning my diet, how I found that stress was effecting me, and more.

We also have some fun things coming up. I recently earned a cruise for my rank in It Works, and the cruise offers gluten-free options. I’ll be sharing my experience on the cruise line.

Finally, being a wife and mother is about far more than food. I’ll share our projects and other fun things we’re doing around the house. Now that I have a better income and work fewer hours, we are doing some badly needed updates to the house.

It’s been a wild and crazy seven years. I appreciate my readers. Many of you have become friends. If you would like to friend me personally on facebook, you may do so here.


Disclaimer: Some of the links in some of my posts are affiliate links. When you click them you allow me to cover a small portion of the cost of this blog. Blogging isn’t cheap and I appreciate your support so we can keep churning out awesome recipes and quality content. Using my affiliate link is like leaving a tip. Thank you. You can read more of our disclaimers here.


KerryAnn Foster runs Intentionally Domestic, formerly Cooking Traditional Foods. Founded in 2005, we help you feed your family nourishing foods they will love. KerryAnn has thirteen years of real food experience.  Read about KerryAnn’s journey to health through multiple miscarriages, celiac disease, PCOS, food allergies and intolerances, obesity, adrenal fatigue and heavy metals. She is also an It Works! Triple Diamond Independent Distributor and she loves that crazy wrap thing!



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The Nourished Living Summit is Live!

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed when it comes to making the best choices for your family?

The Nourished Living Summit brings together 69 natural health, wellness, and parenting professionals who are dedicated to helping parents care for their family naturally. These experts know that this parenting gig is not easy and as such are arming you with the information you need to either begin, continue, or expand your journey as a natural-minded parent.

Nourished Living Summit

The Nourished Living Summit is a FREE online event that I am hosting! It launches March 24, 2014.

It won’t be like those other Summits, the ones were you have 24 hours to listen to 10 presentations. No – The Nourished Living Summit wants to arm you with as much information as you can absorb via an improved Summit model. A model where you will have time on your side so you can take advantage of all the incredible information these speakers are handing you. The Nourished Living Summit is showcasing 62 presentations divided into 8 thematic tracks including:

  • Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth
  • Breastfeeding
  • Health and Development for Children Ages 0-18
  • Natural Health and Wellness for the Whole Family
  • Care and Nurturing For Mothers
  • Education for Natural Minded Parents

Beginning March 24th, you will have 48 hours to listen to 3-5 presentations. Each track is divided over the course of two 48 hour periods. Presentations will stream live Monday-Saturday with Sundays off. The Summit ends on April 29th.

You MUST be registered in order to listen to the presentations. You can register on the home page of the official Nourished Living Summit website.

Want to learn more about the Nourished Living Summit lineup? Check it out!

What are you waiting for? Go register for the Nourished Living Summit!!!


Infertility and Preconception Health
Donielle Baker
Natural Fertility and Wellness

Natural Family Planning and Ecological Breastfeeding
John and Sheila Kippley
Natural Family Planning

Birth Choices
Nicole Deggins, CNM, MSN, MPH
Sista Midwife Productions

Carrying and Parenting Multiples
Trisha Gilkerson
Breastfeeding Place

Preventing Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies Before Conception
Jill Baumann, BS, NC
Guided Path To Health

Herbs and Oils for Pregnancy and Birth
Jessica Aveni
Natural Health and Prevention

Eating For Two
Courtney Hillis
THRIVE: Natural Family Living

Family Oriented Bonding
Guggie Daly
The Guggie Daly


Supporting and Boosting Milk Supply Naturally
Diana West, BA, IBCLC
Low Milk Supply and Mahala Lactation and Perinatal Services, LLC

Building Blocks To A Healthy Breastfeeding Relationship
Dionna Ford
Code Name Mama

Back to Work Breastfeeding
Renee Beebe, M.Ed., IBCLC
The Second Nine Months

Breastfeeding As A Source of Joy
Christine Poirier-Brotchie
Momzelle Nursing Wear

Donor Milk
Emma Kwasnica
Human Milk 4 Human Babies

Nutrition and Breastfeeding
Becky Webb, NTP, CD (DONA)
Rooted Blessings

Inducing Lactation – One Mother’s Story
Millie Copper
Real Food For Less Money

Tongue Tie
Jennifer Tow, B.F.A., IBCLC
Intuitive Parenting Network


The Vaccine Decision – What Parents Need To Know
Jessika Bailey
Natural Mother Magazine

Gentle Sleep Solutions
Elizabeth Pantley
The No-Cry Solutions

Baby Led Weaning and Starting Solids
Kate Tieje
Modern Alternative Mama

Laura Schuerwegen
Authentic Parenting

Newborn Decisions/Newborn Care
Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D
Author of The Business of Baby

Proper Care of Your Intact Son
Jennifer Andersen
Our Muddy Boots
Larissa Black
The WHOLE Network

Cloth Diapering
Miriam J. Katz
Author of The Other Baby Book and Intuitive Life Coach
Megan McGrory Massaro
Author of The Other Baby Book

Elimination Communication
Marija Mikolajczak
EC Wear

Jennifer Wenzel
True Confessions of a Real Mommy
Julie Mangan
A Little Bit of All of It
Shannon Riley
The Artful Mama


Dr. Jay Gordon, MD FAAP
Dr. Jay Gordon

Childhood Development Disorders
Dr. Jamie Oskin, N.D.
Arizona Natural Health Center

Chiropractic For Children and In Pregnancy
Dr. Staci Borkhuis, D.C.
Cornerstone Chiropractic

Children’s Dental Health
Will and Susan Revak

Extended Breastfeeding and Tandem Nursing
Lauren Wayne
Hobo Mama

Potty Training/Learning
Robert Edwards
Squatty Potty
Moorea Malatt
Savvy Parenting Support

Fostering Healthy Independence
Ariadne Brill
Positive Parenting Connection

Children and Reading
Elaine Krishnan
Usborne Books and More 
Jana Kemp
Jana M. Kemp


Dr. Sherrill Sellman, N.D
What Women Must Know with Dr. Sellmen

Adrenal Health For Children
Michael Smith, N.D. BHSC
Planet Naturopath

Teen Health
Lydia Shatney
Divine Health From The Inside Out

Posture Makes Perfect: The Benefits of a Physically Balanced Life
Elizabeth Eckert
Word Cures

Parenting Without Stereotypes
Paige Lucas-Stannard
Parenting Gently

Raising Your Children To Know Where Their Food Comes From
Abbie Walston
Farmer’s Daughter

whole Family

Common Childhood Illnesses
Dr. Mary Bove, ND
Brattleboro Naturopathic Clinic

Skincare for Families
Jennifer Saleem
Hybrid Rasta Mama

Food Allergies
KerryAnn Foster
Intentionally Domestic

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy
Joy Moeller, BS, RDH
Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist

What Every Parent Needs To Know About Gluten
Joe Rigola
Wellness Punks

How Candida and Parasites May Be Harming Your Children’s Health
Amy Love, NTP, CGP, CILC
Real Food Whole Health

Environmental Toxins
Andrea Fabry
moms AWARE

Kombucha for Families
Hannah Crum
Kombucha Kamp

mama care

Preventing Postpartum Depression
Amanda Rose
Rebuild From Depression

Herbal Support for New and Overwhelmed Mothers
Carol Little
Studio Botanica

Self Care For Moms
Lauren Luquin
Spiral Elixir

Healing from Trauma and the Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation
Stephanie Brandt Cornais
Mama and Baby Love

Getting Centered
Amy Phoenix
Presence Parenting

Mommy Tummy and Diastasis Recti
Bethany Learn
Fit2Be Studio

The Babywearing Workout
Kelly Stewart
The Babywearing Workout

Parent Empowerment

Managing Anger and Overwhelm as a Parent
Dr. Laura Markham
Aha Parenting

Attachment Parenting: Creating a Foundation for Healthy Child Development
Kelly Bartlett
Author of Encouraging Words for Kids

Becoming Aware of Possible Toxins Around your Children; Choosing Safe Products for Your Children
Dawn Lorenz
Raising Natural Kids

Holistic Fathers – Engaging and Including Dad
Billy Bradley
Holistic Dad

Creating a Natural Medicine Cabinet
Rosalee de la Foret
Herbal Remedies Advice

Sneaky Nutrition
Lisa Herndon
Lisa’s Counter Culture

Real Food For Families
Kimi Harris
The Nourishing Gourmet

Finding Community
Chara Shopp
Stitching Hearts Together
Judy Tyler
Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy

Disclaimer: Some of the links in some of my posts are affiliate links. When you click them you allow me to cover a small portion of the cost of this blog. Blogging isn’t cheap and I appreciate your support so we can keep churning out awesome recipes and quality content. Using my affiliate link is like leaving a tip. Thank you. You can read more of our disclaimers here.


KerryAnn Foster runs Intentionally Domestic, formerly Cooking Traditional Foods. Founded in 2005, we help you feed your family nourishing foods they will love. KerryAnn has thirteen years of real food experience.  Read about KerryAnn’s journey to health through multiple miscarriages, celiac disease, PCOS, food allergies and intolerances, obesity, adrenal fatigue and heavy metals. She is also an It Works! Triple Diamond Independent Distributor and she loves that crazy wrap thing!



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Goal: My Steps to Weight Loss with Paleo

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Goal: My Steps to Weight Loss with Paleo


I have a confession to make.  I went back on grains in October, which eventually led to being back on sugar.  Little by little, it morphed back into my old diet for the most part. And I was reminded how poor that old diet made me feel. Lack of energy was ‘normal’ for so long, and when I went onto paleo for the first time and found out I felt so good I could out-run my kids at a theme park, it drastically changed how I think and feel about food.  For the first time, I discovered what it was like to truly eat to live.

The result of my indiscretion?  Fifteen ugly pounds parked mostly in my midsection, and it seems like it showed up out of no-where. I feel like I woke up one morning, having gained it all overnight. I realize it didn’t happen that way, but it felt like it was a little-by-little-then-all-of-a-sudden thing. It’s so hard to stay strictly paleo when you have a household that isn’t.  But now that has changed.  As Jeff works off of his medically prescribed diet, he will be going paleo, as well.

In short, I feel fat. And I hate it. I’m thankful, though, that Jeff’s medical issues kept me from making or baking junk for the holidays, as I would have likely gained much more weight had I not been trying to keep temptation out of his face.

Yesterday, I went back into full-bore, lower carb paleo.  What I call lower carb means around 70 grams of carbs a day.  So not a super-low carb, Atkin’s style diet, but a diet that allows for all of the non-starchy veggies I want, plus some fruit and a small amount of honey or maple syrup. And I’m going to stay strictly paleo with no grains, beans or starchy fruits/veggies for a while, before I begin any trials of what I can or can not tolerate.

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5 Steps to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

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Five Steps to Keeping Your New Year's Resolutions


Most people set goals and keep them… for about two weeks. Then they get derailed or overwhelmed and fall back into their old patterns, even moving themselves forward.

I routinely set and meet goals in multiple areas of my life, and I always follow the same steps to do so. In 2013, many people watched as I reached a couple of goals that were so big, many didn’t think I’d get there. I had to listen to a lot of naysayers try to rain on my parade. In response I prayed, put my head down and worked that much harder. In the end I built a second income and even got a $10,000 bonus.

This year, my goals have gotten bigger.  I have set goals personal goals for my income and weight. In addition, my children have set their goals, and we have financial planning goals as a family and home. It’s time to push and stretch myself to the next level.

Sometimes you need real, serious change, and that doesn’t happen by forgetting your goals. Whether you need to lose weight, get in shape, fix your finances, advance your career or anything else, you take the same five steps to reach your goal.


Pick a Goal that Scares You

No, really. If your goal isn’t so big that it scares you at least a little, it isn’t a challenge. If it isn’t a challenge, you’re not likely to follow through with working towards your goal, because you feel like it’s so easy you could do it quickly… when you finally make up your mind to do it. It’s a psychological trick, but an important one to get you over the hump of getting started. However, most people don’t set big, hairy, scary goals, so they never take that first step.  Setting a big goal is one of the best ways to get started on the right foot.

A goal needs to be long-term, measurable and require discipline or a skill.  Doing a one-time event isn’t a goal.  Saving up the money to afford that one-time event is a goal.  Going on vacation in May isn’t a goal; saving $1000 before you leave for your vacation in May is a goal.

A family sets a goal of putting $15,000 back for a new van. That sounds like a LOT of money to get together all at once.  That’s kinda a scary amount to imagine in your hands. It’s also enough to purchase what they need without debt, which they want to avoid.  Their current vehicle should hold out for another year, to give them time to meet that goal.

Or someone who sets an income goal that is 100% more than the average monthly income in their area while moving to being debt-free with the extra income.  Big?  Yes.  Possible?  Yes.  But still scary. Sometimes, financial freedom is the scariest thing.


Set the Date

Now that you know where you’re headed, how fast do you need to get there?  At what point do you need to reach your goal? Write down the date.

Open-ended goals with no date give you no motivation to get started. You should always set a goal with a specific end date, and something tangible that can be measured or tracked.

The family buying the van knows that their current vehicle will hold out for another year, if not more. They set the deadline for their $15,000 as Friday, December 26, 2014. The husband gets paid every Friday.  This gives them 52 weeks.


Do the Math

When you set a large goal and pick a date, the best thing you can do is to break it down into small bites.  Bites that are small enough that they look doable.  Bites that you think you can accomplish.  Depending on your goal, you will want to choose weekly or monthly bites.

If your goal is to pay off $20,000 of debt by December 31st, it sounds huge and freaky. It sounds impossible! But if I tell you in order to pay off $20,000, the first step you need to take by January 15th is to raise your current income, reduce your expenses, sell items or a combination that equals $833 so you can send that money into the credit card company by January 16th. That smaller amount sounds much more doable, even if it is a stretch for your family budget, than the $20,000 goal you’re staring at.

Our family buying the van has 52 weeks in which to raise that $15,000.  That means that they need to set aside a minimum of $288.50 a week.  That’s $15,000 divided by 52. Telling someone to set aside $289 a week (or $577 if they get paid every other week) looks easier than telling them to set aside $1250 a month or $15,000 a year.

These small bites are key to meeting your goal.  Knowing the small bites and assigning dates to them will be the meat of what gets you to where you want to do.  And this is the step that most people skip, and that is half of why they don’t meet their goals.

For most financial goals, I like to break them down by pay-period.  That way, you must see that line item on your budget every time you get paid.


In Your Face

The other half of why people don’t meet the goals is that they don’t keep them in their face.  Literally.

If you have a goal, write it down and put it somewhere where you see it every.single.day.  My first three months of goals for 2014 are written in dry erase marker on my bathroom mirror.  My bites for January are posted right beside my computer monitor.  And they are also on the dashboard of my car.  They are constantly in my face, constantly in front of me.  Why?  To keep me motivated and in action.

The family buying the van puts a chart on the fridge where the whole family can see their progress. Every time they stick back more money, they have their two girls update the chart.  And every time something comes up that is not within budget, they can refer to the chart and their goals to evaluate which is more important, or what could be arranged to be able to do both.


Keep a Check

At the end of each bite, you have to re-access your goal and where you are.  So at the end of each week, pay period or each month, evaluate how you’re doing.  Chart your progress or otherwise get it on paper so you can see where you are.  As you get closer to your goal, that visual reminder will become more and more motivating.

Figure out if you need to do something different or step up your game. If you didn’t meet your bite, was it a lack of time, focus or something else?  What can you do to fix it?

I’ve found that with some goals that seem scary, once you break it down, you actually realize it isn’t big and scary.  It’s doable.  A couple of months of being on track shows you that you can move it up and accomplish it early.

The family buying the van looks at their budget weekly to make sure they’re where they need to be.  They also work to tuck back extra money, even if it’s just change, towards their goal, to get them there quicker, or cushion them for times where they can’t meet their weekly goal.


Set your goals, reach and stretch, grow and learn. Keep it bite-sized and keep it in your face to get there. In the end, you’ll grow in confidence and grit as you find that you really can do things you never thought possible!

What are my goals for the year?

Five Steps to Keeping New Year's Resolutions


Yes. $20,000 a month in income with It Works by December 31, 2014.  It’s a big goal and it scares me! By God’s grace, I’ll get there.  I’ve set the goal, broken it down into monthly bites, laid out what I need to do to get there, week by week, and I’m going to eat this elephant, one bite at a time.

Grit, determination and LOTS of prayer. I’ll get there!


Happy New Year!


Disclaimer: Some of the links in some of my posts are affiliate links. When you click them you allow me to cover a small portion of the cost of this blog. Blogging isn’t cheap and I appreciate your support so we can keep churning out awesome recipes and quality content. Using my affiliate link is like leaving a tip. Thank you. You can read more of our disclaimers here.


KerryAnn Foster runs Intentionally Domestic, formerly Cooking Traditional Foods. Founded in 2005, we help you feed your family nourishing foods they will love. KerryAnn has thirteen years of real food experience.  Read about KerryAnn’s journey to health through multiple miscarriages, celiac disease, PCOS, food allergies and intolerances, obesity, adrenal fatigue and heavy metals. She is also an It Works! Triple Diamond Independent Distributor and she loves that crazy wrap thing!




Photo credit: New+Year+Resolutions+Clock by husin-sani on Flickr

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A Christmas miracle has occurred, two days late.

I’ve finally found a way I’ll eat collards.

Yesterday I was cleaning out my fridge when I discovered that I had five pints of bacon grease scattered around on different shelves. Plus I had another full pint on the counter. I needed a way to clear it all out. I had a faint memory of a salad dressing made with bacon fat, so I went on a hunt. The same fridge clean-out also revealed bunches of collards and kale that needed using.

I never eat collards. As a good little Southern girl, I had them shoved down my throat, over-boiled and slimy, as a child. Complete with pot-licker. Since then, I haven’t been able to tolerate them, not even the smell of them cooking. Those types of memories die hard. My son, however, has different ideas. His great-grandmother cooked him some collards on a recent visit. On a trip to the store, he spied them in the produce department and started begging.

I tried to dissuade him. I pointed out the Brussels sprouts, the kale, even the cilantro. He would have none of it. He wanted collards.

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