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Bourbon Chicken

Bourbon Chicken

Why are Fridays becoming my ‘should have known better’ days? I got up this morning with all intentions of having this dish cooked, photographed and posted by 10am with the extra going straight into the freezer. Instead, this day has fallen hilariously apart.  If it could malfunction, it has.  If it could fall, break, hit the ground at exactly the wrong moment, it did. Spectacularly. And I’ve managed to laugh through the whole thing. Better late than never, right?

This is ‘Bourbon’ Chicken.  It doesn’t really have any bourbon on it, just a rich sauce.  If you frequented Chinese restaurants at the mall in your pre-traditional foods days, you’ll likely know this dish and love it. This is my go-to, can’t fail, makes-’em-all-happy dish.  I serve it to company, I make it when the family needs comfort food or a morale boost. Try it and it will become one of your family favorites, too. I love it served over rice with sauteed kale or broccoli on the side.

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Freezer Cooking: Basic Meatballs

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Nothing has flown this week. Massive amounts of work have been needed to get the new membership platform in place, launch the new Budget Menu Mailer on Monday and the accompanying Facebook party PLUS preparing for next month’s Classic Menu Mailer run that goes live on Tuesday. I have been a very busy bee in a no fly zone. I have been parked at my computer, working hard from the time I get up until the time I go to bed every night. The truth is that I’ve been putting in some very crazy hours and not getting a lot of sleep to get it all done on time.

I took only a little time off this week, and that was to have my teeth cleaned and some old porcelain fillings replaced before our dental insurance runs out. You know you’re busy when you count two-and-a-half hours in a dental chair as a break! I haven’t cooked much this week other than testing a couple of recipes. Jeff and the kids have kept up with everything. We did eat the rest of the crocodile nuggets and one pack of sloppy joes this week, but left everything else alone. That is a feat in and of itself.

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This week has been busy crazy. Jeff’s job interview on Monday went well and we went through a lot this week to prepare for a potential short-term and part-time relocation so he could work in another state and the kids and I travel back and forth between the two cities. We found out Thursday afternoon that he didn’t get the job. I’m very disappointed because despite the challenges it presented, it also presented some advantages that I believe we would have thoroughly enjoyed. I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up, but it’s hard not to when something that you feel would be an adventure and a tremendous opportunity is dangled in front of you.

My kitchen is in complete disarray. We went ahead with building the cabinet in case he would be leaving town for that job. You can’t see the counters. Plus we tackled some other needed projects around the kitchen, yard and house. The only things added to my freezer this week were some cooked quinoa, lentils and navy beans. I started all three sprouting last week in anticipation of a recipe testing session but the sudden crazies meant I had little time to cook. I cooked them once they were done sprouting and popped them into the freezer until I could have the mental space to decide what to do with them.

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I really shoulda known better. I was determined that I would do a big batch cooking session on Wednesday, no matter what else came up. I desperately needed to feed the freezer. On Monday, I had gotten some chicken ‘crocodile’ nuggets put up and started some stock from the chicken bones. I wanted to add more to the stash.

It started thirty minutes after breakfast when I heard a small ‘I’m hungry’ from my 7-year old little guy doing his schoolwork. He wasn’t bored or unengaged, he was quite happy with his lesson- it was his favorite subject. I was eyeball deep in a batch cooking train of thought and I ignored the potential intent behind that request. I had a one track mind.

To the kitchen I went and started cooking. He wrapped up his lesson, came running and stuck his face in my pot. “Whatcha’ cookin,’ Mama?” I explained that I was batch cooking sloppy joes and that he should go finish his school work, but it would be ready in time for lunch. He raided the fruit bowl and headed back to his work. I should have noticed that red, waving flag, but I somehow missed it. Read More→


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