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We’ve been working on a special project! I wanted to share this with you today and we’ll (happily) update you on the continuing tummy shrinkage from the wraps next week.

When I was a teenager, I went to the home of a good friend to do homework together. In their den sat one of the old, ornately carved library card catalogs. I thought it odd, but I didn’t say anything. Then her pen ran out of ink. She got up, walked over to the card catalog, opened the right drawer, grabbed a new pen and came back over to sit down.

A light bulb went on over my head. It’s an organizational geeks dream! And I decided that once I was married and settled down, I would get one for my own home.

After Jeff and I got married and settled in, we started looking for one. That was well over ten years ago. We looked all over the place, and found that card catalogs were hard to come by, as many were sold off as libraries went digital while I was in college. For years, we’ve watched government auction sites and bid on many card catalogs, sometimes as far away as a ten hour drive one way, in hopes of being able to get one. We’d often lose the auctions because we simply couldn’t go as high as the auction would. We’ve seen single unit card catalogs go for over $600 with an average being around $500 for a 72-drawer unit. Many times, we just didn’t have the spare funds to swing it.
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This week has been busy crazy. Jeff’s job interview on Monday went well and we went through a lot this week to prepare for a potential short-term and part-time relocation so he could work in another state and the kids and I travel back and forth between the two cities. We found out Thursday afternoon that he didn’t get the job. I’m very disappointed because despite the challenges it presented, it also presented some advantages that I believe we would have thoroughly enjoyed. I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up, but it’s hard not to when something that you feel would be an adventure and a tremendous opportunity is dangled in front of you.

My kitchen is in complete disarray. We went ahead with building the cabinet in case he would be leaving town for that job. You can’t see the counters. Plus we tackled some other needed projects around the kitchen, yard and house. The only things added to my freezer this week were some cooked quinoa, lentils and navy beans. I started all three sprouting last week in anticipation of a recipe testing session but the sudden crazies meant I had little time to cook. I cooked them once they were done sprouting and popped them into the freezer until I could have the mental space to decide what to do with them.

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Twelve Days of Christmas: Tea Wreath

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Tea Wreath[/caption]

I enjoy drinking herbal teas and I indulge in the occasional cup of real tea. We’ll be painting the kitchen soon (I hope), so I was looking for some décor to match the blue color I’ve chosen.

You can use this same idea using fewer clothespins to hold Christmas cards, important papers or anything lightweight and stiff enough to be clipped that you can imagine. It would make a great gift for the tea drinker in your life or the person who loves to display Christmas cards.

First, decide how many clothespins you wish to use. If you’re using it for things like Christmas cards, you will want to consider using 14-18 clothespins. For tea bags, you can use 14-25 clothespins. I used 25 on my tea wreath above.

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Twelve Days of Christmas: Shiny Stars

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The kids aren’t the only ones who have fun with crafts. I do a fair amount myself. This one is very pretty but it really isn’t doable for small kids.

I really enjoy making goodies to decorate the house. I prefer handmade decorations to store-bought items. The less expensive the materials are, the happier I am.

Gather your supplies. You need some toilet paper or paper towel rolls. I ask my family to save theirs for me so I have an endless supply of craft materials. You’ll also need clothespins, white glue, toothpicks, a ruler, a pen, spray paint, some straws and if you’d like, some epsom salt or glitter. I say the epsom salt looks better. You’ll also need a place to do the spray painting. Read More→

One of the first things I did when I went to a natural lifestyle was to throw out the artificial fragrances.  They give me a severe headache.  For a long time, that has meant that we had no smell-good frou-frou around the house.  Of course, that is unacceptable to a certain young lady who has developed an obsession with potpourri (and perfume, jewelry, make-up and anything pink, purple or frilly).

I had no choice but to rectify the situation.  Pinterest came to the rescue.  Someone I follow pinned a recipe for  Read More→

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I have a girlie girl who loves crafts.  As I mentioned in a previous post, we re-did her bedroom as a Christmas gift and she’s been wanting some pretties.  I got the idea from a Hanging Roses Tutorial at House of Smiths that I modified slightly.  One is light purple and the other is light blue.



The blue one is a little crushed on the upper right-hand side, but I just need to re-fluff it.  That’s where it was sitting on itself while I was working.  DH helped me hang them from her bedroom ceiling.  I’ll make a third one in another color when I get the chance.

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