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AIP Week One

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Last post, I mentioned that I was going to do the Paleo Auto-Immune Protocol. Shortly thereafter, I did start the program, but was derailed after a few days because I came down with the flu. It has taken me two weeks to recover from that. I re-started the program again this week and will be on strict AIP for 4-6 weeks, until I can begin re-introducing foods.

Here’s the menu I’m eating this week.  Because most of the AIP recipes online are for four people, and I’m doing breakfast and lunch alone and trying to combine dinner with the family, you will see me eating a lot of leftovers.  I will also be stocking the freezer for future meals to make staying on AIP for the 4-6 weeks easier.

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What if God Gave You a Do Over?

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Refining fire? Trial? No thanks, Lord, I’m perfectly comfortable where I am!

At times, I have laid in bed at night and wondered what I would do if I became sick again, what I would do differently, how I would have made the healing process go quicker, easier and not have to struggle so much. How would I handle a Do Over?

That time has come.

Today, my job is to praise God in this storm. I move forward, trying to be transparent and humble. So often, bloggers present a perfect front and what we really need is people who pull off the plastic persona and are real, raw and honest. This hurts. It doesn’t feel fair. But it is here.

A series of events has unfolded going back to the car wreck I was in in January that has pushed me back into old territory. Back into ground I had already covered. Backtracking is a painful, terrible, messy thing. It’s scary. It’s hurts to lose the freedom you’ve found and the normalicy you’ve gained after being so sick. So much of my life has changed since I became ill with celiac in 2006. As part of that process I’ve found strength I didn’t know I had, I’ve found a life I never imagined for myself. But like most trials, it’s two steps forward, one step back in a very long process. This time, it’s several steps back.

I’ve also developed new problems I never expected or anticipated. I am experiencing anaphylactic reactions to latex, a new problem, along with OAS to latex-related foods. Latex is EVERYWHERE. Your clothing, furniture and your computers most assuredly have latex in them. Even your food, as many places still wear latex gloves on food processing lines. Even unprocessed fruits and vegetables that get picked, packaged and shipped can be handled with latex gloves, provoking a reaction.

So this week, I go on the paleo auto immune protocol and go back onto my gut healing protocol- digestive enzymes, probiotics, Betaine Hcl and digestive clay. The same supplement protocol I used in 2006. Long term, I see myself on a version of the paleo diet as a life long maintenance issue.

I’m also taking steps to reduce my stress, allow my body to heal quickly, and be able to function in the meantime. We resume homeschooling in the Fall, we are in the middle of changing churches, a major house remodel, and more. We are eyeball deep in a season of change, and change is messy, difficult, consuming and necessary. Very, very necessary.

This is honestly the least stress I’ve had on myself in many years, but I still find myself working to reduce my schedule and taking time to care for myself. Daily prayer, praise, exercise and planning/cooking for the AIP diet are the cornerstones of that stress reduction. A positive attitude is necessary in all healing.

The Lord knew this was coming; it was no surprise to Him. And the Lord crafted just what we needed for this time. We have a home business in It Works that supports us and allows us to own our time with great flexibility, and medical practitioners whom we trust to help us through this. I am also making a conscious effort to look outside of myself. Focus on helping others during this struggle, to keep my eyes off of myself. I don’t know why I’ve been chosen to face this trial again, but I know my Lord knows why. My job is to trust His plan, and light the way for others who come behind.

What the Lord has planned for us is always better than what we had planned for ourselves.

Today, I will praise God in the storm.

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From Chaos to Order – Challenge Six

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I’ve taken a bit of a break in the series because so many of you on the Facebook Discussion Group seemed to be still on Challenge Three as it was taking more time than you expected.  Today, we’ll pick up with challenge six.


Your Method Looks Great, But…

Kids.  Yes, you have kids.  I do, too.

I get it.  You don’t think it’s possible to ever get onto a schedule because you homeschool, you have small children, you have kids that come home at 2:30 in the afternoon and wreck everything you’ve done. Why bother?

Children are not deal-breakers.  They are deal-modifiers.  Women have been working with children beside them for many years.  The trick is to figure out how to make it work for your family while you still get your work done. Read More→

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From Chaos to Order – Challenge Five

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In Challenge four, we went through our brain dump list and scheduled anything that had a specific date attached to it.  We also blocked out time for self-care, and set time according to our priorities, with margin built in. Don’t forget, if you’d like to join in on the discussion, join our Facebook Group.


Calendar Check

If you have any empty time on your calendar for the week, go through and assign it a priority- husband, kids, job, home, etc…  Don’t forget to put in adequate time for errands and shopping, meal planning and food preparation for every meal you fix at home.

All of your time should be blocked out to a priority except time for sleep and margin.  For me, that means my day is blocked out from Read More→

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From Chaos to Order – Challenge Four

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On Wednesday, we did a major brain dump onto paper.  Getting everything out onto paper does you no good if you don’t DO anything with it, so today we begin the process of doing something with everything we’ve written out. Don’t forget, if you’d like to join in on the discussion, join our Facebook Group.


Hard Deadlines

First, go through your brain dump list and find anything that has a specific date or deadline connected to it.  Move those items to your calendar, including time needed to prep for those items.  For example, if your child has an invitation to a birthday party on Saturday, you would place the party time on the calendar, and you would block out 15 minutes to RSVP early in the week.  If you could text the RSVP instead, do so right now. If you teach a class, mark out the time you’re in class, and appropriate prep-time in the days beforehand.

Mark these items off as you place them on the calendar.  They are now out of the way and you don’t have to worry about them until it’s time to handle them. They are officially off your plate, you just have to pay attention to your calendar to know what to do when.


Straight Talk for Moms

Next, you’re going to schedule in some time each day for self-care.  If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?  After all, when the airplane plummets and the air masks drop out of the ceiling, you have to put your own mask on before you can help others with theirs, even your own children.  You can’t adequately take care of your family when you’re totally neglecting yourself, and you’re setting one heck of a bad example to your kids in the process.

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From Chaos to Order – Challenge Three

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First we figured out an app to use for our to do lists (your paper brain, as it were), then we figured out what our priorities are.  Don’t forget, if you’d like to join in on the discussion, join our Facebook Group.

Now we begin the hard work of emptying our brains onto paper. This step has been one of the biggest breakthroughs of my life.

The theory is that your brain has a set capacity, more or less, and can perform only two functions- storage or growth (thinking, learning, creativity).  The more things you’re storing in your brain, the less growth that occurs, the less thinking you can do, the less creative you are and the more disorganized you become because you’re using all of your RAM for remembering the things you’re storing and constantly recalling them instead of learning and adapting new information.  More or less.

In my own life, I find this to be true.  When I began brain dumping regularly and got ever-y-thing out on paper, I had two immediate effects.  First, I felt

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From Chaos to Order – Challenge Two

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During challenge one, we picked out an app to use for organizing information. Today, we begin brain dumping by looking at your priorities.

When you begin organizing everything and setting time amounts or routines to get out of chaos, you must always keep your priorities in mind.  What are your priorities? Write them down in order.  Things that might be included are: Read More→

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From Chaos to Order – Challenge One

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Today, we begin our series on creating order mentally and physically to help get yourself and your family out of overwhelm mode.

The first step in putting together a system that works for you is to figure out how you best function with organizing information.  It doesn’t matter how good a system is, if it doesn’t function in the way you best function, it will likely be of no help to you.  You won’t be prone to use it, and it will set you back to square one.

Do you do best using Read More→

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When the New Year rolls around, it always feels as though everyone makes a resolution to get organized. They work for two or three weeks, then something comes up and their life descends back into chaos. Out of a survey of my ten closest friends, seven felt like they lived in constant chaos, disorder, and felt like they couldn’t catch up. In short, they’re overwhelmed.

Early last year, I discovered a method to dig myself out of the chaos, restore order to my home, and feel as though I had time to tackle the projects I have always wanted to do but didn’t feel as though I had the time for. After talking with several friends in the last couple of weeks, I decided to start a blog series and a Facebook group to share my method to help other moms who are looking for a way out of the chaos.

I have started a Facebook group called Order from Chaos- Solutions for Overwhelmed and overworked Women and Moms.  I will be posting the challenge tasks here on the blog during the week, and discussion will be in the group.  Please come join us!


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Attitude Check

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We have had a whirlwind two-and-a-half weeks.

Out trip to Disney World and getting to eat gluten-free went awesome.  Four days of theme parks were a blast.  We had no gluten exposures and the staff at every restaurant was nothing less than stellar.  I was able to stay allergen-free and keep my carbs and my grains to a minimum.  I even lost weight while on vacation. Disney isn’t an inexpensive place to eat, but we were quite happy to be able to eat out without having to pack the kitchen sink each morning.

There are website dedicated to allergen-free dining at Disney. Allergy-Free Mouse is where I did the bulk of my planning.  I picked which restaurants we wanted to eat at for each park, then planned the day’s rides, shows and activities so we would land at those locations at about the right time.  If you plan on dining at Disney for two meals a day, plan about $40 a day for each person eating adult meals, more or less.  The counter service restaurants are less expensive than those with a waiter, generally speaking.

I had planned on writing a long post about where we ate each day, what we had and review it all, and I will still try to pull that post together.  But today I want to write about the aftermath.  After our fun at Disney, we were set to attend a conference for It Works!  We had combined the vacation to see the mouse with the conference because, after all, who can go to Orlando without a pit stop at the happiest place on earth? The day the conference started, our daughter

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